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Václav Z J Pinkava

whose interests include painting in acrylics, playing the sax, and dabbling as a webmaster ...

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my website about my talented Oscar-ized brother Jan

Ratatouille - a verse review
(Pun intended.) Not a cooking jest,
Sooo much has been written on this one,
I too must get something off my chest.
Code-Ire-Acted by my brother "Yan"...
Even I'm in no shape to digest
Who shaped what. Bird-thickened plot.. Oh Man!
Anyone can chew, review, impart?
Listen here, be suitably impressed:
Rat is ... just an anagram of Art.



my website about
'Jan Křesadlo'
my extremely talented father's
life and works


Last but not least:
my website about my talented wife Janet’s silk paintings

"Velvet razor"

Lyrics and melody by VZJP:

Somewhere in the sidestreets
unlit and unknown
haze above the rooftops
raising mist alone
plays a
    velvet cuthroat-razor
- saxophone



Picked out by a moonbeam
droning out a groan
high above the nightlife
gargoyle stares of stone
    velvet cuthroat-razor
- saxophone


Like a mangy streetdog
gnaws the marrowbone
sleazing the uneasy
drooling undertone
    velvet cuthroat-razor
- saxophone


While the night is yawning
winding whines the drone
burning comes the morning
turning out a clone
slays that
    velvet cuthroat-razor
- saxophone


Daylight listening faces
praise another tone
No more secret places,
[in the] rat-race thunderzone
     later waiter, spaeter,  
- shucks, the phone